“Camel” tells the story of the Norwegian siblings Torarin (9, boy) and Svalin (12, girl) who live in Akkarfjord at Sørøya with their parents, almost as far north as people are living in Norway. The family owns the Akkarfjord Ecological Centre but struggle to get by. When the children wants a horse for riding, their parents get an idea of buying two Mongolian Camels in stead which can attract attention to their livelihood – camelback riding at the eco-philosophical center.

Original titleKamel Year2018 DirectorKarl Emil Rikardsen WriterKarl Emil Rikardsen, Bodil Kjærhauge, Tell Aulin ProducerKnut Skoglund Co-producerMaria Stevnbak Westergren & Anna Bjørk CastThe camels Bor & Bestla, Torarin Sætereng, Oddveig Iren Digre Sætereng, Øystein Kvaløy Sætereng Production CompanyRelation04 Media FinancingThe Danish Film Institute, Norwegian Film Institute, DR TV, STV, NRK, Filmpool Nord, Filmfond Nord, North Norwegian Film Center, Media, NFTF, Giraff Film, Toolbox Film. International SalesAutlook Filmsales