“Kids on the Silk Road” is 15 stories about children between the ages of 11 and 14, from 15 countries along the old silk route. Each story shows how the individual child deals with life’s challenges, big and small, which they face in their specific cultural and social contexts. The stories are both authentic and easy to relate to because the main character tells you their own stories. Although the stories presented in the documentaries are small, they revolve around big universally recognizable themes such as love for animals, sports, developing your talents, realizing your dreams, finding yourself, and disagreeing with parents – part of every child’s life.

Festivals & Awards

IDFA 2019

CPH:DOX 2016/2017

Prix Jeunesse 2018

Ambulante 2018

Barnfilmfestivalen 2018

One World 2018

Espoo Cinè Iff 2018

Le Voci Dell’inchiesta 2018

Docs Against Gravity Festival 2018

Tromsoe Iff 2017

Dok Leipzig 2017

Chigago Int. Children’s Film Festival 2017


IDFA 2017, Netherlands – Won “Best Roundtable Pith”
EIDF 2018, South Korea – Won “World Vision Special Award”
BIG EYES; BIG MINDS 2018, Singapore – Won “Best documentary Film”

IDFA Competition for Kids & Docs 2017
DOK Lepizig 2017
Chicago International Children's Film Festival
CPH:DOX 2017
World Vision Special Award 2018
Best Documentary Film 2018
Prix Jeunesse 2018
Jackson Wild Honorable Mention
Original titleBørnene på Silkevejen FormatDocumentary series Duration15 x 20 min. DirectorJens Pedersen, Kaspar Astrup Schröder, Simon Lereng Wilmont & Camilla Magid ProducerMaria Stevnbak Westergren Co-producerKnut Skoglund & Karl Emil Rikardsen, Relation04 Media & Jens Pedersen, Pedersen&Co International SalesAutlook Films FinancingThe Danish Film Institute, Danida Foundation, Danish Ministry of Education, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Norwegian Film Institute, Nornorsk Filmcenter, Fritt Ord, Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA of the European Union, TVC in association with Arte, Autlook Filmsales, UR & DR TV.
Life is a beach
Musik i blodet
Bird boy
Karma pige