Hvalens sang


Eigth-year-old Theodor is visiting his best friend Wilhelm who lives with his father in Nuuk, Greenland. Every day the boys embark on a new adventure in the magnificent nature surrounding them as two explorers. Whether the boys go hunting, flee from a mystery ghost, invite the whole town for 8,5 year birthday or upset the “Mother of the Ocean” you can feel safe. Because Theodor always manage to overcome every challenge with a little help from his very best friend.


Robert Award nominee – Audience Award

Original titleMin bedste vens historier Domestic releaseDecember 24th 2018 Formattv-series Duration8 x 10 minutes Director & WriterTone Mygind Rostbøll ProducerMaria Stevnbak Westergren CastTheodor Rostbøll Goldbach, Wilhelm David Lumholt Hakesberg, Ilanguag David Lumholt Hakesberg FinancingDR, Sonning Fonden, Den Grønlandske Fond
Sael suaasat
Havets moder
Hvalens sang
Dyrets kraft