”I am a poor human. A miserable human. A completely depraved human. I am sleepless as an owl, ugly as a witch, and white wine runs through my veins instead of blood. Furthermore, I am about to shit myself to death”. Tove Ditlevsen following the break-up with her last husband in 1973.

A Writer Named Tove is an animated documentary.

Tove lived a sort of double life. Whilst Tove Ditlevsen the human was falling apart, Tove Ditlevsen the writer would sit in ”The Oval Room” to analyze and describe her life, in full serenity. It is obvious to ask whether Tove actually lived her life to live it, or to write about it.


The acclaimed Danish author Tove Ditlevsen was awarded several literary prizes, including the Golden Laurels in 1956. Her work has been translated and published in over twenty countries.


CPH:DOX 2020 

Winner: Best Short Film, Robert Award 2020

Original titleTOVE I STYKKER FormatAnimation, Documentary Domestic releaseMarch 22nd 2020 Director & WriterSami Saif Animation directorPeter Lopes Andersson ProducerSigne Leick Jensen FinancingThe Danish Filminstitute, DR
Tove, Sune Elskær
Tove, Ingeborg Dena Faber
Tove, Sara Koppel
Tove, Sune Elskær
Tove, Peter Lopes Andersson, Maria Mac Dalland