Woolfert - An impossible love story.

In a world run by sheep, lives Woolfert, a downtrodden wolf. Together with his pal, Woolfert raids the trash cans in the rich sheep’s neighbourhoods. It is here that he falls hopelessly in love with Sheela, the sheep film diva.

This impossible love is further hampered by the fact that Sheela’s number one suitor, Lemmy Lam, is the powerful Chief of Police.

The sheep world is turned upside down, as wolves are suddenly ‘in’. But rejected Lenny Lam is waiting in the wings, poised to bring an end to this impossible love affair.

Original titleWoolfert Formatshort film Year2012 DirectorSøren Tomas WriterKim Fupz Aakeson, Søren Tomas, Thorleif Hoppe ProducersMorten Kaufmann, Karsten Mungo Madsen CastHella Joof, Peter Frödin International SalesMonsters Distribution Supported byThe Danish Film Institute, DR TV in co-production withTiny Film